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Many thanks to everyone who completed the Village Plan questionnaire in October last year.  The results have now been analysed and were shared at the recent Parish Council Annual General Meeting in April.  Have a read of the results and the presentation shared at the AGM.  If youíd like to look at the results in more detail, please see the links under GCVP news.

Whatís next for the Village Plan?
The working group are writing the final Village Plan document, which will summarise the results and the actions to be taken forward.  Weíre planning to have this published for all in the next couple of months.  Actions arising from the Village Plan will hopefully be taken forward by the Parish Council and discussed at their monthly meetings.


What is a village plan?

A Village plan is a document that helps to determine the future of this community, and how it can change for the better. It deals with quality of life issues, so whatever is important to people living here. It is a document that sets out a vision for the future of the parish and outlines how that can be achieved in an Action Plan.

Many communities like ours have produced Village Plans to influence, provide evidence and initiate projects in the local community.

The process involves local people like you providing opinions on Great Chesterford. This is your opportunity to say what you think are the issues and what should the priorities be to make this parish even better to live in.

What can the village plan do?

The village plan will present a collective view of whatís important to the people living in Great Chesterford and this will:

  • Influence relevant parties on key issues such as transport, village services and facilities, safety and the village environment.
  • Help obtain grants and funding to make improvements in the village.
  • Inform the Parish Council about where to focus their energy, influence and potential investments

An important part of the parish plan is the production of an action plan. This action plan sets out the communities objectives and how these things will be achieved. This can be either through existing groups, the parish council or other organisations or can lead to new community projects.

What canít the village plan do?

There are some areas that unfortunately the village plan canít influence. For example it canít stop development or create or change Local Authority policies. However, it might be able to influence some of the organisations that are involved in these bigger initiatives. For example, if there was a need for more health facilities, the village plan might be able to influence how people access these facilities.

Why bother with a village plan?

If you like living in Great Chesterford, there will be certain things about the village that are important to you and your family. The village plan is your chance to have your say and be part of building a stronger community that cares about the village and wants to make a difference in keeping it a great place to live.

Whatís involved in creating a village plan?

A small group of volunteers have formed a committee. This committee will:
  • Consult with the Parish Council and with the Great Chesterford community to collect initial views on the issues that matter to the village.
  • Create a questionnaire which invites comment on the issues identified. This will be delivered to every household in Great Chesterford.
  • Analyse the questionnaire responses, and produce a document describing the aspirations of the village and setting out an action plan.
We have already collected some view from those attending the Annual Village Meeting on 21 March 2013. If you would like to provide a view then please read this document to see what sort of information we are looking for, and email your response to us at

Finding Out More

We will publish regular updates and relevant resources on this web page in coming weeks, so please do come back to visit this page.

The Great Chesterford Village Plan Working Group
21 March 2013




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