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Chesterford Local History & Archaeology Society

The Society was formed by the members of two groups, the Great Chesterford Archaeology Group and the Local History Project Group.

Meetings are held at  the Congregational Church in Carmel Street, commencing at 8pm

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the secretary
Mrs Elizabeth Marshall on 01799 530265 or email Elizabeth Marshall
Forthcoming Programme

Thursday 26th September 2013 - Prehistoric and Roman Hinxton (Alice Lyons)

Village Recorder
Great Chesterford has a Village Recorder who looks after items of historical interest and importance to the village. If you think you have anything of interest that you might like to donate, or allow to be copied, or if you would like to view any of the items listed (see under useful links), please contact:

Kate McManus on 01799 530461 or email: Kate McManus

Useful Links
Recent Additions to the Chesterfords Collection
Village Film for sale + Jubilee Film for sale
List of items held by the Village Recorder

List of Publications

The Recorders of Uttlesford History Press Release
The Recorders of Uttlesford History in May celebrated their 10th anniversary
by launching a new website The searchable website will be a rich resource for those studying Uttlesford history. Already it has well over 100 pages full of village history, genealogical data, publications, maps and photographs. Through links with other village websites, there is access to over 2,000 pages of text and thousands of images.
By the time of the launch, 35 of the 57 parishes in Uttlesford were included, and the remainder will be added in the next few weeks. In addition there will be a growing collection of more general material which covers the whole district. Ultimately the Recorders plan to add audio and video recordings as well, so that it will become the premier site for the history of North-West Essex.
The new website is also the vehicle for 'RUTH' (Recording Uttlesford History the purpose-built database used by Recorders to catalogue local collections of archives. The initial batch now online include catalogues of Radwinter, Chesterfords, Newport and Manuden, with Clavering and many other parishes in the pipeline. These will be fully searchable and a great boon to family historians.
A particularly exciting addition is the provision of online articles taken from early issues of the Saffron Walden Historical Journal - these will be a rich resource.
In addition, there are plans to provide links with archives at the Town Library, Saffron Walden Museum, the Quaker Archives and the ERO Archive Access. Individuals with local history collections they would like to catalogue can also apply to take part in the database scheme, or add material to village pages, and family historians can use it to link their own research pages. The material put on the new website at the start is only a fraction of what is available, and new documents will be constantly added.
Since it was first set up in 1998, the Recorders' group has built up a  network of 39 local historians in 46 parishes of north-west Essex. Their aim is to try to ensure that records of the past are conserved, and to make sure that present potential archives go on being collected and changes in the locality recorded. Many Recorders go far beyond this basic role, and write books, run exhibitions, set up history websites, organise tours, give talks, interview elderly villagers and do many other activities that contribute hugely to village life and help to sustain community identity.

Link to Uttlesford Local History Recorders website


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